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Disable Video modalitese for certian CSusers in Lync 2013

September 24, 2014 Leave a comment

I have a requirement to disable video for few lync users sitting in remote site dealing with low bandwidth. This whole exercise is to provide good user experience for Audio

To do this, we need to follow below steps

  1. Create a Conferencing policy using below cmdlet


2. Disable Video by set Boolean value $false for EnableP2PVideo


I have disabled sharing too, hence you can change other parameter on base of your requirement

See this article for more details about parameter and CS conferencing policy

3. See below CS conferencing policy which shows the EnableP2PVideo & EnableAppDesktopSharing


Now you can assign this policy for individual users or group of users thru CSV file

Use below cmdlet to assign for single user

Get-CsUser Useralias | Grant-CsConferencingPolicy -PolicyName Policyname

Use below cmdlet for a list thru CSV file (Change location accordingly)

import-csv C:\input.CSV | ForEach-Object {

write-host “Login” $_.login

Get-CsUser $_.login | Grant-CsConferencingPolicy -PolicyName DisableVideoANDSharing }

Hope it will help someone dealing with same need ๐Ÿ™‚ !!!

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Dude, Want to be a Lync Expert ?

September 20, 2014 Leave a comment

During my own learning of lync 2013, I came to know lots of KBโ€™s and Blogs those talk about very nice stuff.

Jeff Schertz is very famous name and publisher of many documents for lync 2010/2013 and OCS. I have filtered few nice article for lync 2013 which I strongly recommend to read all UC folks learning lync 2013ย 

Note: There articles are approximately of level 400, So you must have a basic understanding of lync infrastructure and concepts before you start reading them. Good Luck !!! J J

Lync Edge Server Best Practices:

Lync Server 2013 Deployment (Read all part 1/2/3):

Media Codecs in Lync 2013:

Understanding Lync 2013 Mobility:

Understanding Lync Video Quality Reports:

Video Interoperability in Lync 2013:

Understanding Lync Modalities:

Planning for Video in Lync:

Video Temporal Scaling Behavior in Lync 2013:

Lync Edge STUN versus TURN:

Stay tune for next post !!!!

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