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Lync Account credential Popup

Are you getting complains from end users for Lync Account credential Popup multiple times. It’s might see due to faulty Kerberos configuration is that access to Web Services or Lync Server Control Panel keeps prompting for username and password, even if the correct information is given.


The following PS cmdlets are very helpful in diagnosing what could be wrong in an environment. Test-CsKerberosAccountAssignments tests that Kerberos account assignment is configured, the Kerberos account attributes are OK and that the IIS configuration is OK for all servers in the site running WebServices

Test-CsKerberosAccountAssignment -Identity “site:SiteName” -Report “c:\logs\KerberosREport.htm” -Verbose

If you are getting above error, then you need to create Kerberos account and assign it to the site where you lync pool is resides.


Create the Kerberos Account

PS C:\Users\TempUser> New-CsKerberosAccount -UserAccount “NTNET\KerbAuthSite” -ContainerDN “OU=Service Accounts,DC=corp,DC=ABC,DC=com”

Assign the Account to the site

PS C:\Users\TempUser> New-CsKerberosAccountAssignment -UserAccount “NTNET\KerbAuthSite” -Identity “Site:SiteName”

Enable the topology

PS C:\Users\anisinghadm> Enable-CsTopology

Set the Account Password

PS C:\Users\anisinghadm> Set-CsKerberosAccountPassword -UserAccount “NTNET\KerbAuthSite”

Enable the topology

PS C:\Users\anisinghadm> Enable-CsTopology

Test that the account is assigned properly

PS C:\Users\TempUser> Test-CsKerberosAccountAssignment -Identity “site:SiteName” -Report “c:\logs\KerberosREport.htm” -Verbose

Now, Go ahead and check with your Service Desk whether they are still getting complains. Enjoy 🙂 !!!

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