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Error “The property keyword isn’t supported” in Search-Mailbox

January 17, 2012 3 comments

You may receive error message “The property keyword isn’t supported” when run cmdlet below to delete mail content from user mailbox’s.

If you see in cmdlet in above screen, I have done search query based on Subject :”FW: Full BAckups Report.” which is an forwarded message by other mailbox. in Serach-mailbox cmdlet search scope is very restricitive and can be use with very care. In above cmdlet if i remove part “FW:” then it works. So you need to make sure valid search query if you see this error in search-mailbox.

Exchange Search keywords

Property Example Search results
Attachments attachment:annualreport.pptx Messages that have an attachment named annualreport.pptx. The use of attachment:annualreport or attachment:annual* returns the same results as using the full name of the attachment.
Cc cc:paul Messages with Paul Shen in the Cc field.
From from:bharat Messages sent by Bharat Suneja.
Keywords in retention policy retentionpolicy:business critical Messages that have the Business Critical retention tag applied.
Date when messages expire according to policy expires:4/1/2010 Messages that expire on April 1, 2010.
Sent sent:yesterday All messages sent yesterday.
Subject Subject:”patent filing” All messages where the phrase “patent filing” appears in the Subject field.
To to:”ben smith” Messages that have Ben Smith in the To field.

You have to be assigned the following roles to search for and delete messages in users’ mailboxes which is notassisgn by default to any security role group:

  • Mailbox Search   This role allows you to search for messages across multiple mailboxes in your organisation. Administrators aren’t assigned this role by default. To search multiple mailboxes, add yourself as a member of the Discovery Management role group.
  • Mailbox Import Export   This role allows you to delete messages from a user’s mailbox. This role isn’t assigned to administrators by default. To delete messages from users’ mailboxes, add the Mailbox Import Export role to the Organisation Management role group.