Dude Where is few Best MSIgnite 2018 O365/Exchange Sessions !

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Watching Ignite session offline i came across few of the session very exciting and interesting and i do recommend each messaging specialist to must watch.

Office 365:-

Exchange & Outlook:-

Courtesy – SuperTekBoy & The Microsoft Exchange Team Blog

Skype for Business Chat Bot

August 31, 2018 2 comments

Skype for Business is one of the collaboration tool in corporate to enable enterprise instant messaging platform to millions of users. The BOT framework is not yet supported in Skype for Business on_prem version but it could be developed by playing around UCWA component which is part of Skype for business web component.

To Enable the chat bot in Skype environment, you may have below 3 scenarios.  So let us find out what is available in all this scenario.

  • Skype for Business Online – Go here for more details

In case, your SFB environment is purely located in online, you can leverage the Skype for Business Bot Framework channel.

  • Skype for Business hybrid – Go here for more details

Skype for Business bots can be connected to Skype for Business Server users if Hybrid connectivity has been deployed in the environment.

  • Skype for Business On_Prem

Skype for Business On-Premise has a set of APIs called Unified Communications Web API(UCWA) which can be leveraged to integrate with the Bot framework.

We are only going to cover scenario 3,” How can be used UCWA API to integrate with BOT” – The architecture of the application will look like below.


UCWA 2.0 is a REST API that exposes Skype for Business Server 2015 instant messaging (IM) and presence capabilities. For a bot to send and receive message using UCWA, the following steps are required to be performed.

  2. Discovery
  3. Authentication
  4. Registration


If your application would perfor auto discovery using SFB credential then step 1, is optional, otherwise you can use the UCWA URL to query to Skype for Business UCWA server (Which is SFB Pool frond end server)

HTTPS https://LyncDiscoverInternal.<domain&gt;
HTTP http://LyncDiscoverInternal.<domain&gt;


HTTPS https://LyncDiscover.<domain&gt;
HTTP http://LyncDiscover.<domain&gt;



UCWA always runs in the home pool of the authenticated user account used in application for chat bot. The purpose of the autodiscovery flow that is described here is to find the location of UCWA.


This below step will be executed for the first sign-in and succeeds when the client application retrieves the UCWA URL. This URL can be cached until a failure occurs.

  1. The application queries the discovery URL (lyncdiscoverinternal.domain.com (If UCWA URL is not hardcoded) once application supply SIP URI format user@domain.com
  2. If response of above URL failed then it will try another URL (lyncdiscover.domain.com)
  3. The security check step consists of making sure that the client is not spoofed
  4. The client can follow the redirect link in case multiple pool in skype server
  5. The response from Autodiscover is a response with a link to the user
  6. The final response contains a link to the applications This is the link that is used to create the application.


The application will now poll the Skype server for incoming messages. When a message is received by the application, we bootstrap our bot and pass the text as properly formatted Activity message. The bot then follows usual flow of sending the text to LUIS and determining the intent. Based on the context, it will then send the response back to the user. The end to end architecture of the bot can be seen below.

Now, We are only left left to build the application. As I am not from programming background, below link is written in very nice way !!!

Skype for Business bot using UCWA development – Go Here

Exchange Server 2019 Preview is here!

Microsoft has announced a preview build of Exchange Server 2019 is now available. You can download it here.

Here are some of the key features in each of these areas:

Security: Exchange Server 2019 installed on Windows Server 2019 Core provides the most secure platform for Exchange. You also have the option of installing the Exchange 2019 Preview onto Windows Server 2016 Core or Windows Server 2016/2019 with Desktop Experience, but we have worked hard to make sure running Exchange on Windows Server Core 2019 is the best choice for our code.

Performance: Exchange Server to take advantage of the larger core and memory packed systems our customers buy these days. We’re confident you can be very successful running Exchange Server with up to 48 processor cores and 256GB of RAM.

Exchange 2019 will support tiering of storage using SSD’s at release time, but that is currently not enabled for the Public Preview release. SSD’s are going to be used to store (read/write) hot data in a sort of intelligent cache, lowering overall latency and in the end benefitting user experience.

The new Calendar Sharing model from Office 365 will be ported to Exchange on-premises. More information on this feature in Exchange Online here.

Courtesy :- https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/exchange/2018/07/24/exchange-server-2019-public-preview/

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Skype for Business Server 2019 Preview is here !

Microsoft just announce the release of Skype for Business Server 2019 Preview looking forward the reasons for maintaining on-premises deployments for these services by few customers.

This preview includes four key capabilities.

Cloud Voicemail. Skype for Business Server 2019 when paired with Exchange Server 2019 will use Cloud Voicemail to provide voicemail services. This provides an alternative to Unified Messaging, which will not be offered in Exchange Server 2019. With Cloud Voicemail, voicemail messages will continue to be stored in the user’s email inbox. Skype for Business Server customers who are currently using Unified Messaging and plan to migrate to Exchange Server 2019 should first plan and deploy Cloud Voicemail. Skype for Business Server customers who are planning to remain on older versions of Exchange, can continue to use voicemail functionality provided by Unified Messaging on their supported Exchange deployments.

Cloud Auto Attendant. We will begin supporting the use of Cloud Auto Attendant, so that on-premises customers can always use the latest version of Auto Attendant. Customers will need to use a hybrid configuration for users syncing to AAD. Please note that Cloud Auto Attendant will be available later this year – we will announce when ready.

Cloud Call Data Connector. Call Analytics is integrated into the core experience for administration and management in Office 365. With this addition to Skype for Business Server, you now have the ability to upload your call quality data to Office 365. This means you no longer need to store this data locally, and you can use the latest enhancements in the cloud version for a consolidated view of calling diagnostics. As we update reporting in the cloud, customers will be able to take advantage of these enhancements. CQD (Call Quality Dashboard) experience in cloud for on-premises customers will be made available later this year.

Streamlined Teams Migration. On-premises customers have noted to us that while they need on-premises support they recognize they will move eventually to the cloud. To ease that transition for customers, we have further simplified the experience to migrate to Teams.

Download the preview today and start testing in your lab environment.

Microsoft Teams Resources links

You can’t copy as i want you to memorize it 🙂 !

Microsoft Ignite – September 24–28, 2018 | Orlando, Florida

Get signed up for now to join the tech community in Orlando September 24-28.

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Exchange EDB to PST Converter Tool by Stellar – Review

April 18, 2018 2 comments

I have been approached by one of my friend to look into the Stellar EDB to PST Converter tool and write a review. I am pleased to see the great feature this tool has with very minimal efforts

After couple of test performed into it. Now – I understand that why its been rated one in among top 3 EDB to PST Converter tool. Also Exchange Admin with very limited system knowledge can use it

Key Features experienced:-

  1. Easy Installation procedure and supported wide range of OS versions
  2. Simple launch console to use it

3. Very good performance throughput (few old EDB to PST Converter tool – I have been used) 🙂

4. Easy export to Office 365 / Exchange online mailbox – Very helpful in Exchange online migration.

This acts as an Exchange migrator to export offline exchange mailboxes directly to Live Exchange/ Office 365, without the need of going through the manual process of reconfiguring users in Exchange.

All you need to do is to select the offline users, enter the credentials and export them to a live exchange server/ Office 365.

Some Other features:-

·         Enables Mailbox Preview Before Conversion

·         Allows searching particular mails in offline EDB

·         Option to Save and Load Scan information

·         Facilitates Selective Conversion

·         Convert EDB to multiple formats

For More information, Visit below URLS

User Guide:  https://www.stellarinfo.com/installation-guide/edb-pst-converter/User-Guide.pdf

Installation Guide: https://www.stellarinfo.com/installation-guide/edb-pst-converter/Installation-Guide.pdf

Download test exe Location:  https://www.stellarinfo.com/email-repair/edb-pst-converter.php

Hope it will help others looking a nice tools for EDB converion 🙂 !