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Exchange EDB to PST Converter Tool by Stellar – Review

I have been approached by one of my friend to look into the Stellar EDB to PST Converter tool and write a review. I am pleased to see the great feature this tool has with very minimal efforts

After couple of test performed into it. Now – I understand that why its been rated one in among top 3 EDB to PST Converter tool. Also Exchange Admin with very limited system knowledge can use it

Key Features experienced:-

  1. Easy Installation procedure and supported wide range of OS versions
  2. Simple launch console to use it

3. Very good performance throughput (few old EDB to PST Converter tool – I have been used) 🙂

4. Easy export to Office 365 / Exchange online mailbox – Very helpful in Exchange online migration.

This acts as an Exchange migrator to export offline exchange mailboxes directly to Live Exchange/ Office 365, without the need of going through the manual process of reconfiguring users in Exchange.

All you need to do is to select the offline users, enter the credentials and export them to a live exchange server/ Office 365.

Some Other features:-

·         Enables Mailbox Preview Before Conversion

·         Allows searching particular mails in offline EDB

·         Option to Save and Load Scan information

·         Facilitates Selective Conversion

·         Convert EDB to multiple formats

For More information, Visit below URLS

User Guide:

Installation Guide:

Download test exe Location:

Hope it will help others looking a nice tools for EDB converion 🙂 !

New static route in hybrid Skype-Lync Environment

February 19, 2018 Leave a comment

The exiting environment is consisting three lync 2013 and three Skype for business pool in three sites. The requirement is to create new static route for new SFB pool for communication with

Polycom video environment.

I did not get properly documented in Microsoft Technet. So i just went and hit the below command to add new static route in one of the SFB Pool.

$routeINDSFBPool = New-CsStaticRoute -TLSRoute -destination “” -port 5061 -matchuri “video” -usedefaultcertificat $true

Set-CsStaticRoutingConfiguration -identity -route @{Add=$routeINDSFBPool}

We got below error saying that- “Set-CsStaticRoutingConfiguration : Cannot find “StaticRoutingConfiguration” “Registrar:” because it does not exist”

After many discussion within team my team member found that, we could not modify the static route for new SFB pool which was never created. Hence we need to create it as new.

We ran below cmdlet and its solve the issue.

$routeINDSFBPool = New-CsStaticRoute -TLSRoute -destination “” -port 5061 -matchuri “video” -usedefaultcertificat $true

New-CsStaticRoutingConfiguration -identity service:Registrar: -route @{Add=$routeAPSFBPool}

We hope it will help someone !

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Want to Enabling and Using Guest Access in Teams

October 13, 2017 Leave a comment

HERE you GO !. I have tried to enable/add guest access in my O365 trial tenent and share it below.

Login to your Microsoft Teams console and add guest. Remember that you can only add (Tenent O365 emabled)

Add guest by putting valid email address of O365 tenent.

Upps, you got error saying that “you are not authorized”??. OK, never mind.

go into Microsoft Teams settings in the Office 365 admin portal. From within the admin portal navigate to Settings -> Services & add-ins -> Microsoft Teams. On the fly-out to the right, under the section Settings by user/license type click the drop-down menu and toggle from Business and Enterprise to Guest then click On next to Turn Microsoft Teams on or off for all users of this type. Then click Save, and then try to add same member

YOu can also validate the guest was successfully added to Azure Active Directory

Browse to . On the left pane, click Azure Active Directory. On the Azure Active Directory blade clickUsers and groups

Guest user will be receiving email as email invite to join the channel from “Microsoft Teams <>”

Guest user can login as guest on link and start conversation.

BUT – Honestly, Microsoft has to do lot of other improvement if really want to compete with Slack 🙂 🙂

Enjoy and happy Teaming !!!

Could not use Microsoft Teams ?

October 12, 2017 Leave a comment

Are you sure that your organization has enabled Microsoft Team Service ?. you are trying to download the app and starting and getting below error !!!

you know that it’s available to Office 365 commercial customers with one of the following plans:
Business Essentials, Business Premium, and
Enterprise E1
, E3 and E5. Microsoft Teams will also be available to customers who purchased.

So I login to my O365 portal to make sure that license is properly assigned. I fund that “Team” is not enabled under O365 Enterprise E3 license which is not letting me to download the app.

To resolve it, we need to enable it, and now we are good to go !


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Switch to Office 365 from Google G Suite

hey !!!

Are you or your company switching to Microsoft Office 365? Microsoft have your go-to guides to help you get up and running in Office 365 with minimum disruption. We have 8 published today for Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneDrive, with more on the way.

have a great On-boarding 🙂

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